1989-2022 Cummins CAT Oil Filter



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This CAT oil filter is a Direct Replacement for the factory oil filter. Meaning it will spin right onto your factory filter housing without any adapters.

Why CAT?

The CAT 396-4596 oil filter retains all of the benefits of the factory filter style, and then some added benefits.  For flow, the CAT filter offers a larger center tube opening for clean oil to easily flow out of the filter and back to the engine.  The biggest difference comes from the Surface area of filtering media. The OEM Mopar filter measures 505.25 square inches (94"x5.375") of surface area, where the CAT measures 561 square inches (102" 5.5") of surface area. This nets a 10% increase in filtering media surface area.  Offering more area for oil to flow through and therefore increasing ease of oil flow. This is done through making the filter taller, and also having more pleats.

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