15-19 GM DSP5 Switch Mount



Product Details

The MDDP DSP5 switch mount can be used on any 2015-19 Duramax's cigarette lighter in the front center console as well as the cigarette lighter inside of the flip up center console.  This simple push into place option means you will not have to drill any holes in your new interior.  Remove one of the two cigarette lighters and insert the mount.  Using this mount on the cigarette lighter inside your center console ensures a completely hidden look.  The cleanest factory style mount ofor the 15-19 GM trucks!

Installation:  It is easist to remove the center console section (area with cup holders).  The center section will come out all as one piece.  This will give you easy access to run your wires cleanly behind the dash for your switch and make it possible to remove the cigartette lighter.  The cigarette lighter will have 4 tabs holding into place that all have to be pressed in to release it. The MDDP mount will press fit into place. 

We found this to be a helpfull video on how the center console section comes out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y2Z_S6VQak

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