Duramax CAT Fuel Filter adapter



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This Updated Solid one piece Billet Aluminum CAT fuel filter adapter will be the first and last fuel filter adapter you'll buy for your Duramax. With a 2 micron rating, the CAT filter offers 2x the filtration over the 4 micron factory filter at half the cost. 

FITMENT: 1R-0750 fits 2001-2016.  The 1R-0749 fits the 01-10, but NOT the 11-16 due to the larger shock mount on the frame. The CAT filter will eliminate the factory WIF (Water in Fuel) sensor. This will not cause a check engine light when removed.

Two Filter Options:

  • 1R-0749: 2 Micron rating, 11" tall, 3.75" Diameter, Will Not fit 11-16 trucks
  • 1R-0750: 2 Micron rating, 8" tall, 3.4" Diameter

The 1R-0750 is for most applications.  The 1R-0749 is for those who want longer maintenance intervals and better flow due to the increase in filter media. This filter is used on the 15 Liter CAT engines.  Included spacer plate MUST be used for the 1R-0749 to fit due to the increased size.


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