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These Genuine CAT filters are a direct replacement for your FASS titanium and signature series lift pump.  This extreme kit is for those who want a high mileage filter as well as a beefy looking filter set up!  Please note the total case length on this filter is 10.5" from top to bottom.  Be sure to check fitment where your lift pump is mounted.

Why CAT?

The benefit comes from the size and structural integrity of the filter. On the outside, CAT uses a very thick casing compared to other companies, to resist punctures. The way the filtering media is held inside the filter is also upgraded. CAT uses a thin nylon woven strap glued and secured around the entire filter. This means you will never have to worry about the pleats collapsing inside of the filter and restricting fuel flow. The increase in filtering media media surface area means a longer filter life, as well as better fuel flow.

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